Have you ever wondered what an attractive title means? Whether you are reading the latest news, searching for useful information on the web, or just exploring the resource, you find what you need, thanks to expressive, striking headlines that capture your eye, attract attention and arouse interest.

They are the ones that appear in the search results, which are heavily influenced by your traffic and the number of views your posts have. But to make an attractive headline for an article or landing page, it’s not enough to prepare good material and express its substance: you must follow certain rules and not be afraid to show some creativity.

Here are eight tips you can use to create a truly engaging title.

⦁ Think about the benefits that can be gained from your speech. The title: “The Power of Conversation: How to Get People Listening to You” speaks more than “Successful Communication Habits.” And a headline that starts with the words “How …” tells the audience what they can get from your speech.
⦁ Use numbers to express curiosity. The title “Four Secrets of Leadership” seems more intriguing than “Secrets of Leadership.”
⦁ Use subheadings and capital letters to enhance visual impact. Notice how significant the title “CRITICISM AND THANK YOU”: SPEAK AND RECEIVE, thanks to the capital letters.
⦁ Extend the titles to specify the name of your statement. The name “Most Important Relationships for You” can be extended to “Give more and receive more than your most important relationships.”
⦁ Intrigue. This tactic is to engage the potential audience. For example: “Ten items about how to do things that no one will ever tell you about.”
⦁ Borrow a phrase from your speech. You will probably find a particularly expressive phrase in your speech that you can use as a title.
⦁ Ask a question. The questions are always hard to dismiss. Make your narrative title a question, and almost anyone who sees it will try to think through the answer. The title “War on Drugs” can be presented as “Who wins in the war on drugs?”
⦁ Use impressive words. Here are some words that will be particularly attention-grabbing and good to use in the headlines: you, how, new, free, now, suddenly, striking, wonder, power, secret, wonderful, starting, magical, change.

8 tips for creating a captivating title for your post
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