A landing page is only needed when there is one or a group of unique goods or services on sale that are planned to be sold wholesale or retail.

Only one product

Landing page development is done under one specific product. This rule is essential. Thanks to it, the number of sales exceeds times the sales of similar goods in online stores. When a visitor’s attention is related to a product, it has no other choice, no way to think, choose or delay in time.

Often, when there are several products on the site, the customer loses his or her choice, leaves little time to think, and after a while changes his mind and buys something completely different. By depriving the visitor of choice, we put him in a position where we decide instead.

A clear call to action

According to statistics, about 80% of potential customers are screened in the first 20 seconds after entering the site. The reasons may be different, but their essence is one – the client does not understand what he has to do. Accordingly, the landing page must initially have a call to action to show the customer what is being sold here.

The main mistake is the lack of a vivid incentive for action. There should always be a client directly at the end of the page to take some action. If the customer does not understand this, it may be that he/she is interested in the product, but does not understand how to obtain it and targets the competitors, whose website has a call and an explanation of the actions.

How to make the call to action clearer?
⦁ Make a big red order button. Marketers have done research and found out that red is the most stimulating to perform a certain action;
⦁ Simply and clearly state your thoughts on the site. A client who is confronted with complex designs quickly gets bored and leaves the site;
⦁ Lack of anything that can distract his attention;
⦁ The specific benefits of using the product should be visible. And next to them is another red order button.

Bright and captivating title

The first thing the customer sees is the title. The task of the landing page is to hold its attention, smoothly transfer it to the right places, and finally to the order. But it all starts with the title. A good title should point to the client’s problem, and promptly provide his or her solution.

An example of a great title on a site that sells doors – safes: “We sell peace of mind.” They clearly identified the customer’s security concerns and offered him a solution. This is how each title on the landing page should work.

Sales text only

Landing page design is very important. But first of all, there is still the text. It is he who first looks at the prospect. And it is with the text that the landing page creation begins.

To compile competent sales text, you either need to hire a copywriter, or you can compile it yourself by mistake and editing.

To create the good text you need to:
⦁ Make a portrait of your target audience. Gender, age, needs, hobbies, fears, aspirations, etc. You need to answer as many questions as possible for the potential buyer. This is done so that you can take advantage of the buyer’s weaknesses and show that the goods can help him;
⦁ Engage the visitor in a dialogue. This is even more difficult than drawing a portrait. Despite the fact that the text on the landing page will be a monologue, you should not allow the client to get bored when reading. It is important to speak with the client in one language.

Internet marketing gurus continue to claim that text is one of the most important components of a landing page. Even large pages can be quite lively and attract customers if they have competent text. You should not let the customer get bored, switch their minds or think. You have to keep him on the wave, gradually answering his questions, processing his objections and calling him to action.

Don’t worry about big texts. For unique and expensive products that are rarely on the market, voluminous descriptions are needed. They should answer customers’ questions about the product, the company and encourage them to buy the product. The informative content of the text is a major component.

The competent layout of texts

It is important not only to write a good text but also to style it. It is important that the font colour is neutral with respect to the background and eyes of the visitor. The uppercase, lowercase, and uppercase letters do not fit. Suitable medium brightness tones and size 14 fonts.

Some landing page creators upload too screaming ads, a large number of capital letters, striking characters at the end of some sentences, and other similar “advertisements” make us think that there is something wrong here. And ordinary people on the Internet are often afraid of big font because it symbolizes the increase in tone.

Basic rules for creating a landing page
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