Google penalties can be manual and algorithmic. When the search engine penalizes the site manually, the owner receives a notification in the webmaster panel. Google sanctions can be checked in the “Traffic Search – Manual” menu.

When Google introduces algorithmic penalties, the owner of the property receives no notifications. The webmaster may suspect punishment on indirect grounds: drop in traffic, the disappearance of index pages, decrease in feed positions, etc. After learning about the sanctions, most resource owners are genuinely surprised. They don’t understand why a search engine penalizes their site.

This article answers the question about webmasters penalties. You will learn several dozen ways under which conditions you will receive sanctions from Google.

  • Register the domain in which you use the trademark. Theoretically, this will allow you to “eat” some of the traffic from a large company website. Rewrite the content from the donor site and place blocks of contextual advertising on your site. Hurry, the Microsoft-windows7.EU domain is still free.
  • Register a domain whose name is practically the same as the name of a popular website or company. Check, maybe the names “Yandesk”, “Google”, “Apple” and “Samsung” are still free.
  • Put cookies in the visitors’ browser without alerting them.
  • Use unnecessary redirects. Remember to redirect visitors from the main page to the inside pages when they come to your site from the search engines.
  • The navigation menu of your site must be created using Flash technologies. This method works especially well if it is difficult to find textual content on the pages of your site.
  • Configure CMS to send messages to publish new content to the server several times per minute. Search engines love sites that are frequently updated.
  • Use the same title on all pages of the site. You can also use abracadabra instead of the normal title.
  • Allow Google to include a session expired error page in the index.
  • Configure the Error 404 page to send the “200 OK” code to the search engines.
  • Use only short and informative phrases such as “click here”, “click”, “here” as shortcut links.
  • Post unobtrusive text intended for search engines only on the pages of the site.
  • Use keyword phrases more often. Entries must be direct and a key density greater than 7%. Be sure to enter as many keys as you can in the keywords tag.
  • Buy domains for high traffic sales. Redirect traffic from them to your site. This is good if the domain is dedicated to popular music and your site tells you about apartment repairs.
  • Post machine content.
  • Collect content from other sites and publish them to your site.
  • Show different content to search engines and live visitors.
  • Frequently exchange links with other sites. Post all the links without checking them.
  • Post the same content to different subdomains. This is faster and cheaper than investing in the creation of new unique materials.
  • Ignore the spam comments on your site. Keep the connections, maybe it will help someone.
  • Never rely on other sites to give them an authority on your pages.
  • Register dozens of accounts in different social networks. Send them to your site more often.
  • Hide links in images. You can also paste links so that they remain off the screen for most visitors.
  • Buy more links. Invest in links that are hidden in popular web gadgets that are not related to the theme of your site.
  • Create a Useful Links section of your site. Take it to online casinos, Viagra retailers’ websites, adult content or radical organizations.
  • Post a cartoon animated feature on the site, featuring Matt Cutts, the main spam fighter. You can also edit the video with Cutts in the lead role. Or at least write something offensive about that person on the site. In this case, he will personally visit your site and punish him manually.

Now you know how to get sanctions from Google. This knowledge will help you develop and maintain the site using “white” methods and avoid Google penalties.

How to Avoid Penalties from Google
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