When creating a new site, it is important not only to develop the right structure and high-quality design but also to create a domain where the project will be located. After all, this is the most important part of the site, you can say its name (link), which you will communicate to customers, you will post in ads, you will say it on the phone, etc.

As a rule, all the interesting domain names are already taken, so you have to fantasize to come up with an original name. This article will give you some tips to help you solve this difficult task (for some people, this task is really difficult).

What is the domain?

First, a little theory. If you know this information, you can view the article below and go directly to the selection recommendations.

The name of each site consists of several parts.
⦁ Top-level domain – the so-called domain zone (com, .net, .org, .bg, etc.). This is a mandatory part of the name of each site.
⦁ The second-level domain is the main part of the resource name, located in front of the domain area and separated by a dot. For example, your site is “on-www” is the second tier.
⦁ Third Level Domain – is located before the second level and is separated by a dot. Usually used on free platforms (such as Wix) or when creating subdomains. For example, if your blog is on a subdomain, then the link would look like this – blog.on-www.com.

How to invent a domain name?

Remember: for a serious project, you only need to launch a Level 2 domain – forget about the third one. Why?

⦁ First, it is shorter and easier to remember.
⦁ Second, Level 2 domains will be easier to promote in search engines (for SEO).

Important Note: You can only register a Tier 3 domain if you have access to the corresponding Tier 2 domain name. For example, if you did not own the domain on-www.com. and you do not have access to its management, you would never be able to register the blog.on-www.bg domain.

On the Internet, there are tips to start figuring out the name of a site by choosing a domain zone. This tip will work when you need to operate the site in a specific area.

What can the site name include?

⦁ The company name is the easiest option when you name the site by your company name. Such a solution will only work well if your company does not have a very complex name. Also, if the name is a short and popular word, then it will be extremely difficult to find a free domain name corresponding to that name in each zone (only if it is not used too exotic).
⦁ Type of activity – For example, for the site of a law firm, you can view domains containing the words “law”, “lawyer” and more.
⦁ Last or last name – Suitable for personal blogs or personal pages. Using an original name or a family name in the domain is a great solution when promoting a personal brand.

It is almost impossible to find simple and short domains that fully contain the company name (“much”), the type of service or product (“lawyer”), the popular last name (“sam”). In this case, you can use the following techniques:

⦁ Abbreviations. The name of a company or type of activity consisting of several words can be abbreviated: Advocate – and help, Agro montage service – agro service, etc.
⦁ Definitions. You can use dashes in domain names and often you can’t do it without them. For example, in cases where a domain name consists of several words or abbreviations
⦁ Add a city. This technique is used quite often and helps in cases where the short company name or type of activity (much-London, lawyer-London, etc.) must be reflected in the domain name.
⦁ Numbers. The use of figures is justified in cases where they are part of the company name or reflect the regionality of the site (regional code). The meaningless addition of numbers (law123) does nothing – such domains are less memorable and do not look respectable at all.

Inventing a beautiful domain name is always a brain attack. To solve this problem you need to take the time, sit down and write down all the options that come to your mind. Then these options should check for employment (using special online services or generators that are on the internet) and ultimately choose the most appropriate domain name for your site

How to create a domain for your site
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