A ready-made website template is used by many people. But, in 90% of the cases, if you do not have specialized knowledge, you cannot handle installing a ready-made template on your site. As a rule, the template is always distorted and you have to correct it, tune it, choose the right parameters, and add scripts that for some reason do not align.

Not to mention that you need to have a great understanding of what SQL is and how to create a hosting database, install CMS, in short, if you have not done this before, it will not be easy for you.

It may take weeks for you to battle the finished site template, but if you are not keen to become a webmaster, then it does not make sense to set up such a standalone site. It is easier to pay a specialist who will do everything in a much shorter time.

I want to change the site template!

The most important thing to understand before choosing a template is that your site will also get exactly like the template you selected.

And you won’t be able to change anything without effort, and it’s not rational, it’s still a template.

You might think it’s a trifle: think, the template has three icons, you want five. But sometimes to make such small changes, you may need to revamp the entire template, and the cost of such work may exceed the cost of the site template.

That is why it is important to choose a template that you initially like and is suitable for your tasks, so that you can not change anything significant in it, maximum colour palette, pictures with the logo.

In this case, the site will remain stylish, will be more focused on your destination and will work steadily, and for a long time.

For example, ready-made home designs cost less than the architect’s work, but nothing in this project will change your mind.
After all, every adult understands that if he starts to change such a project, to move walls, to change rooms, the thickness of the foundation – in most cases, everything will fall apart.

And reworking the project – this is again an individual conversation with an experienced architect who has to evaluate everything, to get into the project, to make calculations, then to change it again according to your wishes, to make necessary adjustments, to coordinate the project with the necessary authorities, to explain to the builders what to do, to control them, etc.

All this hassle will cost more than the initial cost of such a finished project. This is exactly the case with the finished website template. Chose, install, change the pictures on their subject and that’s it!

Installing and configuring a ready-made site template is not so easy
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