For the landing page of fashion is also minimalism. To be purposeful and not to distract the client and to walk the client along the prepared corridor, it is necessary to make the landing page properly, without unnecessary things and any details that distract from the main task.

The main task of landing page and design is to draw attention to certain words. We need to focus on the benefits of the product, the reliability of the company and the execution of the target action by the customer himself.

Remember that bright colour buttons (most often red) increase conversion, compared to less exciting tones (like green) by 12-15%.

Landing page relevance to a search query

This is also a very important metric that will directly affect the number of customers who came for advertising and purchased goods. Accordingly, if a banner or search query has a watch with a particular model with a 50% discount, then the site should have exactly that clock and with such a discount.

Limitation of time limits

A sufficiently widespread scheme that forces the customer to decide as quickly as possible is to limit the time limits for selling the product. Often this is the use of false phrases that the goods will soon run out, recent items, discount timers, etc. Anything that can show the customer that the goods are about to end or the winning bid will end.

This is another way to get a potential customer to take a specific action and close it. Thus, the visitor is deprived of the opportunity to think long, and the likelihood of purchase increases several times.

Handling customer objections

Of course, all marketers are learning that not every customer is a buyer. And that’s true. Don’t chase every visitor to the site who thinks the goods are expensive, unreliable or something. But at the same time, to work out any potential objections, a good landing page is a must.

The opposition is most often done in two ways: the reasonableness of the price of the goods and the reliability of the seller. And if there are often no price problems because there is a “limited offer” as mentioned above, then with the reliability of the seller, constant doubts will have to be dispelled.

The easiest way is to test the products within a few weeks. But this method does not work if there are sales of something except programs and study materials on the Internet. You need to convince the customer that the company is an example of reliability. For this purpose, reviews, official company details, travel scheme, etc. are appropriate. This allows the customer to understand that the company is completely real and not fake.

Lack of complex forms of filling

One of the most important mistakes novices make. Sometimes landing pages have so many uncomfortable forms to fill that they kill the desire to order the product, even if they like it. To make the prospect’s life easier, simply asking him or her to leave his / her phone and then calling him/her is by asking all the questions on the phone.

Also, remember that mobile traffic is prevalent in many areas. And it will be very difficult on a mobile phone to fill out many mandatory fields in the application. Therefore, you should use a minimum of information from the customer and only after contacting him to clarify the details.

Landing page design and structure
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