How to Avoid Penalties from Google


Google penalties can be manual and algorithmic. When the search engine penalizes the site manually, the owner receives a notification in the webmaster panel. Google sanctions can be checked in the “Traffic Search – Manual” menu. When Google introduces algorithmic

What is a Landing Page

What is a Landing Page

Landing Page is a one-page site that performs a specific task. Developers should give a clear idea to the visitors and encourage them to take some specific action. Landing Page is mainly used in online sales because it can focus

Landing page design and structure

Landing page design and structure

For the landing page of fashion is also minimalism. To be purposeful and not to distract the client and to walk the client along the prepared corridor, it is necessary to make the landing page properly, without unnecessary things and

Major mistakes when creating a blog

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Excessive anonymity The blog should be as transparent and open as possible, so anonymity, outspokenness and secrets have no place here. The blog is an authoring resource that, with the help of a certain authority of the author and up-to-date

Blog Design and Material Layout

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To create a stylish and ergonomic blog design, there is a general rule: the simpler the information, the easier it is to read it. And the ease of perception of information is influenced by completely objective factors. What are they?