Landing Page is a one-page site that performs a specific task. Developers should give a clear idea to the visitors and encourage them to take some specific action.

Landing Page is mainly used in online sales because it can focus consumer attention on one product and not let it through to the very end.

Landing Page has several commonly accepted names that can be found in different literature:
⦁ Landing;
⦁ Land;
⦁ Landing Page

Landing Page is most often used to promote a particular product. It is rarely used for a group of products that perform the same functions. Using it allows you to increase sales by 20-30% compared to regular online stores.

The main difference between Landing and full sites is scale. Landing is a single page and contains only basic information. There are no additional blogs, links, great texts in it.

Features of Landing Page

The main feature is the complete management of visitors’ attention. Their performance can be compared to that of shops. There are a designated area and a pathway where marketers lead their customers. Not many large grocery stores have alcohol and vegetables at the outset for the person to make their purchase and on the way to the cashier through the main hall to buy something else.

There are many more rules: fast-selling production takes up a lot more space, and little things like chewing gum have to be over, etc. But the bottom line is one – the customer is led down a certain path, prompting him to make a purchase. A similar thing is done with the landing page.

The creator leads his potential client along the path he has chosen for him. No redundant information, links, and transitions, just what can make him or her do the landing page. In the beginning, there is information, disclosure of topics, a gradual impetus to act, and in the end, the closure of a specific action, most often for the client to leave his contact information.

Unlike online stores that are set up to sell products, their description is sometimes not even sufficiently processed, landing pages cannot boast of it. Each word has a definite meaning.

Therefore, despite its external simplicity, creating a landing page is a very difficult task. For the sale to be successful, it is necessary to have the customer’s attention, step by step, to encourage certain actions.

What is a Landing Page
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